Kurt Luchs
Writing Funny, Looking Funnier
Kurt Luchs is many things to many people, and fewer things to fewer people, and nothing at all to most of the people in the world. Whatever he is to you, don't expect to find out much about him here until he gets around to completing this web page for the joy of all humanity. Meanwhile, take comfort in the knowledge that by day Kurt lives and works in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. In the wee hours of the night and at odd moments Kurt has written humor for The Onion, The New Yorker, McSweeney's and other outlets that do not bring shame to him or his loved ones. Kurt also edits and sometimes contributes to his own literary humor site, TheBigJewel.com. Now go away and don't come back until this site is ready!

Contact Information
Email : kurtluchs@aol.com
Phone : 203-915-0110
Address :
1300 6th Ave
Apt 103
Stevens Point
WI - 54481